Have you noticed your furnace is making weird noises? Not too sure if it's heating the house properly these days? It's been a while since you've had it checked out by a Technician?

No problem! Let us help you save some money on that dreaded seasonal cleaning!

Take advantage of our limited time off of 50% off your furnace cleaning! Regularly priced $100.00, we're slashing the price to $50.00 + HST!

Call us today to book in your furnace and let's bring it up to speed!

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Furnaces can be tricky to pick out. At Ottawa Furnaces we do a thorough assessment of your house and needs and then help you pick out the perfect fit!

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It's the middle of winter and your furnace breaks... Not to worry our technicians can get your Furnace up and running any day or time. Ask us about Service on your Furnace today.

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When Furnaces are cleaned and maintained they are not only significantly more efficient and save you money but they also last longer and are less prone to breaking. We often have amazing deals on maintenance, Ask us today about current specials on Maintenance.

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Furnace Fuel Options and Conversions

When faced with the task of purchasing a new High-Efficient Furnace, more often than not it leaves buyers with more questions than answers. Do you currently heat with Electricity or Oil?

A lot of people don't know that heating with Propane and Gas is much more cost effective than Oil or Electricity.

If you are heating your home with Electric Baseboard, you are paying 5 times the cost you would be paying with Gas! Learn more here.. If you are heating your home with Oil, you are paying 3 times the cost you would be paying with Gas! Learn more here.. 

Furnace Bill Keeping you up at night?

Furnaces can cost upwards of $10,000-$15,000. At Ottawa Furnaces we work alongside Financing Companies to make sure your New Furnace bill doesn't keep you awake all night.  In fact trading in your old furnace for new high efficiency furnaces can have such large savings that it can actually pay for the financing of your new Furnace!

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