About Ottawa Furnaces

Our family business was started and continues to thrive in the heat of the nations capital. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional, around-the-clock customer service and quality brand name products for an affordable price. Whether it's new or existing clients, we treat all of our customer like they're family. We want our customers to know how much they mean to us because we wouldn't be where we are without them.

When you choose Ottawa Furnaces for your heating and cooling needs, our HVAC Specialists and Comfort Technicians will guide you through the entire process - whether they're installing you're equipment or registering your warranty.

You will be given proper instructions on how to operate your equipment and what's required to keep up your maintenance and service to help prolong the life of equipment. This will ensure optimum efficiency for years to come.


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Our Approach

Our hands-on approach with our customers starts by meeting with one of our HVAC Specialists in your home to discuss all of your heating and cooling needs. We take a detailed look into what your house already has and what it may need for the proper, safe and up to code installation of any equipment you purchase. Once your HVAC Specialist has determined what exactly the installation will require, you will receive a quote for the installation that is valid for 90 days. That quote will give you all of the information that you need to make an informed decision on your installation.

We like to include any of our clients in the decision making process - from beginning to end as we understand that purchasing any heating and cooling equipment is a big financial decision. We are not a high pressured sale team and we like to let the customer make their decisions at their own pace. We are available any time to discuss your options and quote as we like to ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied.

Prefer not to have someone in your home? Schedule too hectic? Can't find time? We understand!

Face-to-face online quotes are not available. We can use the latest technology to check out your house via Facetime, Skype or Video Call whenever you're available! This allows maximum privacy and an accurate quote at the same time!