Our Comfort Specialists are committed to ensuring that your equipment is ready for whatever Mother Nature wants to bring! We work around the clock with V.I.P. 24/7 priority service to ensure that we're always there for you; whether it's your air conditioner, furnace or anything in between!

Our standard service rates are $129.99 for the 1st hour and $89.99 for ever hour after. Our "after hours" rates are $189.99 per hour.

Yearly Tune-Ups

We understand that choosing which brand of equipment is a big financial decision, and with that decision comes the expectation that you're going to get a long life span out of the equipment you just purchased. Unfortunately, that expectation doesn't always happen.

We highly recommend seasonal service on your equipment to prepare it for the upcoming weather. This is the best way to ensure a prolonged lifespan of your furnace or air conditioner and the best way to prevent any problems that may occur down the road.

Additonal Appliances

Even though we are a "heating and cooling" company, we aren't limited to just furnaces and air conditioners!

We supply many of our clients with indoor air quality products such as HEPA filters and humidifiers and we also service fireplaces!

Give us a call today if you have any questions regarding the extra services that we provide!

Furnace Problems?

Picture this...

It's the middle of a Canadian winter. It's -35 degrees out. There's snow up to your knees outside. You've decided to stay home for the night because it's too cold and blustery outside and suddenly you notice your house is a bit chilly.

You venture downstairs to your furnace only to find that it is stone cold and doesn't seem to be firing up. What do you do?

If you ever find yourself in one of these situations, you'll never have to panic! Ottawa Furnaces has your back in the dead of winter or the scorching hot summer weather.

Our Comfort Specialists work around the clock to bring you the best service in the industry! We want to ensure our clients are well taken care of no matter what time of year!

Next Steps...

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